Small Stone for July 7, 2011

smooth stoneSuch a long sleep.  Diving deep within the dreaming waters.  Swim until that breath gives out.  Surface, gasping, porpoise breathe, and dive again.  And in the swimming, dreams like shoals of spangled fish, flit and dart. This one a barracuda, rippling sharpness.  That one a basking shark, huge and round and long.  And millions of mackerels between, blowing past me like a silver wind.

2 responses to “Small Stone for July 7, 2011

  1. I'm enmeshed in your dream imagery – and was caught in the net of the first line: "Such a long sleep."

  2. A brilliant description of the way that dreams are so clear, so vivid, and then seem to slip out of your mind in a flash.

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