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Small Stone for 3 November, 2018

High Summer Haiku
Sun-fired blue porcelain sky,
hissing of the grass, as the wind goes chuffing past

Small Stone for March 27, 2015

smooth stoneA grackle caballero with his long ebon coattails is strutting his stuff before a cluster of admiring grackle senoritas.   Around him, slender green feelers are poking hesitantly through the thatch of last years grass, testing the air for sunshine.

Small Stone for November 28, 2011

smooth stoneUnder a dripping sky,  a fidget of sparrows forages through the grass beside the wet elephant sidewalk.

Small Stone for July 4, 2011

smooth stoneThe sun has unrolled grey gauze shadows, smoothed them out, and ironed them flat.  Seven Inca doves glean through the buzz cut grass but only where the shadows fall.