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Small Stone for 17 May, 2022

Why? It’s the question they always ask. Why do you write, paint, compose music, knit, garden, do woodworking, sew? Why let some thing occupy a significant portion of your life, or take it over entirely? But that’s the wrong question. The right question is, “Why not?” If you can’t come up with a good answer for that question, then a good answer to “Why?” is “Because I want to.” The best answer, though, is “Because I can’t not.” That is the egg from which masterpieces hatch.

Small Stone for 7 December, 2017

Be ever vigilant. Happiness is a ninja that can strike at any moment.

Small Stone for March 22, 2012

smooth stoneAn odd sensation:  Sitting in a recliner, with a lap robe on, absorbed in blogging, and the black kitty noses under the end of the lap robe, crawls up between my legs and curls up between my knees.  He is sleek and warm, and his whiskers tickle my skin.  We are both content.

First Small Stone of the New Year, 2012

smooth stoneThere’s magic in rainbows.  It’s like the sky has had a good cry, feels all better now, and is smiling again.  Seeing it makes you smile, too,  the colors falling on your eye like a child’s delighted laugh.  Sympathetic magic of the very best kind.