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Small Stone For 19 November, 2017

Crocheting snowflakes with crochet thread that is twice as thick as quilting thread, and a size 5 (1.9 mm) crochet hook and a crochet pattern. Took me an hour to decipher the pattern and wrestle a finished object out of it, frogging out several bits in the process and trying again.  I’ve finished crocheting it now, but it still has to be pinned out, soaked with stiffening liquid, sprinkled with opalescent embossing powder, turned over to have the process repeated, and a loop of ribbon hot glued on.

I’ll bet God didn’t have to work so hard to create snowflakes.  All She had to do was just create a universe where specific laws of physics and chemistry operate, so that when She created water, it would enter a solid state at 32 F/0 C and form a six sided crystal.  Then She built a planet out of dust and gas, a rocky world with lots of liquid water, gave it a humongous moon, set it spinning at an axial tilt of 23.5º, put it into a slightly elliptical orbit 93 million miles away from a G-type, main sequence star, sat back and watched that sucker churn them out by the bazillions.  Piece of cake.

Small Stone for July 18, 2014

smooth stoneI lift to my lips a cobalt blue glass and sip raspberry tea, rattling with ice cubes.  The glass is sweating profusely in the unaccustomed humidity; droplets of condensation drip from its nether edge and hit my tee-shirt like tiny water balloons.  If I were to go out walking this very minute, what would passersby think of my tee-shirt speckled just in this one small area of midriff with blots of moisture?  I imagine Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock glancing my way, his eyebrow rising, one corner of his mouth quirking wryly,  putting period to his deductions with a single soft Humph! of amusement.

Small Stones for September 10, 2011

stoneThe bell-like descending arpeggio the glass sings as I drop ice cubes into the tea one at a time.

smooth stoneThe clouds are debating whether or not to rain.  There is a wide difference of opinion.

stoneA white plastic grocery bag has jumped the fence and wanders restlessly around the yard.

Small Stone for July 7, 2011

stoneHousehold Spell:  A black one and a white one, and the little girl is grey.  There are no more ice cubes until the water freezes, but three will do to chill the Coke.