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Small Stone for 22 September, 2018

stoneThe sun is still drowsing in bed while the new day, a fuzzy shawl of low grey clouds thrown on over its nightgown, pauses on the threshold of Autumn.  I’m already up and puttering in the kitchen, inadvertently eavesdropping on a mourning dove having a quiet little boohoo on the roof behind the range hood vent pipe . . .

Small Stone for April 4, 2012

stoneFusillades of hail ricocheting like rifle shots on the concrete.

First Small Stone of the New Year, 2012

smooth stoneThere’s magic in rainbows.  It’s like the sky has had a good cry, feels all better now, and is smiling again.  Seeing it makes you smile, too,  the colors falling on your eye like a child’s delighted laugh.  Sympathetic magic of the very best kind.

Small Stone for November 28, 2011

smooth stoneUnder a dripping sky,  a fidget of sparrows forages through the grass beside the wet elephant sidewalk.

Small Stones for September 10, 2011

stoneThe bell-like descending arpeggio the glass sings as I drop ice cubes into the tea one at a time.

smooth stoneThe clouds are debating whether or not to rain.  There is a wide difference of opinion.

stoneA white plastic grocery bag has jumped the fence and wanders restlessly around the yard.

Small Stone for June 28, 2011

smooth stoneThe night wind is hot and sweaty, and has rain on its breath.